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I am Josie

Women's Health Coach & Chief Stewardess

After 10 years of working on superyachts as a Chief Stewardess I strongly felt the need to contribute to the health of our fellow women in the luxury yachting industry.

I’ve seen too many women struggling, working crazy hours, and not prioritising their health. And I was one of them for a long time.

I have studied Pedagogical Sciences and Nutritional Therapy next to my full-time yachting jobs. Psychology and Human Health has always been a big interest of mine and I just love to educate myself. I always helped colleagues, friends, family, and yacht clients with their health needs, but this wasn’t enough for me.

I noticed an increase in work pressure, an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of knowledge amongst my female colleagues. This lit a fire and need within me to improve their situation. Personally, I’m always striving to be the best version of myself and keep challenging myself mentally and physically. And this is something I tried to bring to my interior team as well. But you can only do this when you’re completely healthy.

Therefore, I decided last year to leave my job as a Chief Stewardess and completely focus on Women’s Health Coaching. I developed my own method to help women in the yachting industry, based on science and experience. On top of that I’m currently working towards a degree as a Clinical Nutritionist, to challenge myself and be able to help women in the best way possible.

My approach is honest and direct. I do not believe in ‘cuddle coaching and go-with-the-flow’. Everything I do is science based and personalised to your needs. The steps you’ll take are well-considered and based on experience. You’ll embark on an active journey, where it’s all about taking action to see results.

Because only by taking action you’ll achieve your goals. Combining these actions with proven strategies which are completely personalised to your needs will turn you into the best version of yourself. This way you’ll create a sustainable healthy lifestyle, completely tailored to your needs.

My tried and tested method has been developed over many years. It’s not only based on science but also my personal health journey. Which has taken years of trial and error, resulting in personal experience with a lot of different strategies. Furthermore, I worked with many different clients with different needs, from weight loss to hormone balance and food intolerances. All body systems are interconnected, and no problem stands alone.

Your success lies in personalisation. Taking the right steps at the right time for you is lifechanging and lets you be the best version of yourself. You can achieve anything your dream off.

Josie is patient and always happy to help whilst pushing you to be the best.

Isobel, Yacht Purser

Just act normal, then you act crazy enough

I was born in a small village in the north of The Netherlands.
The main idea there was ‘Just act normal, then you act crazy enough’. Meaning that you really shouldn’t stand out in the crowd and most of all don’t try to . So, I was always trying to fit in, but deep down felt I didn’t belong there.

My parent’s ran their own business and supported my brother and me in whatever we aspired to do. Going against the mainstream social expectations. This resulted in taking us to better schools outside the village and letting us work in restaurants in France during the holidays from a very young age. When we ended up moving to Germany during my teenage years the world really opened up to me.

The drive to keep challenging and improving myself definitely comes from my upbringing. So, when general practitioners didn’t find any explanation for my health struggles from a young age, I decided to take matters into my own hand. I studied Pedagogical Science as I always had an interest in human psychology and decided to study Nutritional Therapy to help myself. This turned out to be life changing. Slowly I started implementing what I had learned and through trial and error my health symptoms started to disappear.

I have suffered from PMS and endometriosis from a young age, but I didn’t know this at the time. No doctor ever mentioned the possibility of this to me. I had never even heard of it until my university degrees. I was prescribed the pill by my GP at the age of 15 as the cure to all my problems, but it only made it worse. From heat flushes to severe menstrual cramps and weight gain. Still, nobody had ever spoken to me about my lifestyle and nutrient intake.

Discovering the power of your lifestyle is turning your life upside down. From the food you eat, the drinks you drink, the air you breath and the steps you take. Everything influences your well-being. Being able to take control of your future through lifestyle choices is fascinating.

Hippocrates had it right so many years ago: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

It just runs in my blood...

Dream Big or don't dream at all

I really loved my job as a chief stewardess on superyachts and had done so for over 10 years. But I felt that I had to do more with my health background.

Therefore, I decided last year to turn things around and opened my own business as a women’s health coach. I had worked 8 years with my husband sailing the seas, so it was definitely a life changing move. Something my family questioned me thoroughly about, making sure I was doing the right thing for myself. But with my husband’s support and the addition of Ginnie the puppy to our little family, I settled in the UK full-time and started my own business. Both my parents and my brother (with his girlfriend) run their own businesses. Having grown up with the entrepreneurial spirit and drive it was a no-brainer to do the same.

I knew what I wanted with my business: to help and support those hard-working women in the yachting industry. Therefore, I developed a science- and experience-based method with this specific group of incredible women in mind.  

I had already studied Pedagogical Sciences and Nutritional Therapy on the side during my time on yachts. Next to a head-butler diploma, cocktail master, and wine and coffee courses. People often tell me I’m indecisive for following multiple paths, but I definitely have a passion for both the luxury hospitality and women health. (And I don’t believe in pursuing one passion only.)

Being able to combine both passions into one job is a dream coming true. I completely understand what women in the yachting industry go through and more importantly what their needs are to thrive. It gives me great joy to support and help these incredible women to be the best versions of themselves and make all their dreams come true.

My Vision

In my years leading interior teams and helping colleagues, friends, family, and yacht clients I learned one thing, improvements only happen through taking action. By taking control over your health, chasing your dreams, and getting the right help you can achieve anything.

I don’t believe in generic quick fixes. My approach is completely holistic, science based, and most importantly, personalised. 

I don’t provide quick fixes for your symptoms. Instead, we will dive into the root causes of your problems. By tackling your health challenges step by step, you will create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. On top of that I’m sharing all my knowledge with you, and you will learn to maintain your newfound healthy self.

I only work with proven methods which are completely personalised to your needs.

Together we’re creating a sustainable long-term healthy you of which you will start to experience the benefits already very quickly during our collaboration.

Kind Words

Isobel Griffiths
Isobel Griffiths25 years old
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I had a wonderful time working together with Josie. She was patient and always happy to help whilst pushing you to be the best. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a passion for everything she does.
Kyra Decorte
Kyra Decorte36 years old
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The communication from Josie was seamless, and she was always available to address my concerns, providing timely and valuable insights. The support extended beyond just dietary advise, incorporating motivation and encouragement that kept me on track during challenging moments.
Isabelle McDonald
Isabelle McDonald24 years old
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Josie took her time to explain and guide me through everything, but also pushed me to execute and practice what I had learned. Josie is a natural coach as her ability to excite others about what she is passionate about and share her knowledge and experience makes her a genuine teacher.

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